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 (J): Japanese site

 (E): English site
Recommendated Date: 2010.03.23

No. 19 Photo site
Recommended site:"吉田達也の石仏と奇石と巨岩  写真集 【Stones of the world : Yoshida Tatuya】 (J)

な お、目的の石像に直接リンクできないため、本サイトは関連サイトには入っておりません。

There are various rocks in the world!
In addition, that site has not been linked because it's impossible to link directly with a target statue in it.
Top page (J)
Recommendated Date: 2010.03.01

No. 17 Photo site
Recommended site:"城の写真ライブラリー(姫路城など写真高画質素材集) or Photo library of Japanese Castle (J)"

Sample 1: 姫路城 Himeji Castle (J)
Sample 2: 今治城 Imabari Castle (J)
Sample 3: 仙台城 Sendai Castle (J)

The amount and the quality of the photograph are wonderful, and the castles shine.

Top page (J)
Recommendated Date: 2009.12.01

No. 14 Photo site
Recommended site:“花図鑑 株式会社 科学技術研究所 or The illustrated book of flowers by Kagiken (Science Technology Research Institute) (J)

Sample 1: ユリ(百合) Lily (J)
Sample 2: バラ(薔薇) Rose (J)
Sample 3: ボタン(牡丹) Peony (J)

According to the title, photographs are finely taken to understand the form of the flower. The composition in the site is also good.

Top page (J)
Recommendated Date: 2009.11.12

No. 12 Photo site
Recommended site:“山中湖村 - 絶景くんの富士山中継 - ベストショット Photos of Mt. Fuji From Yamanaka Lake - Best Shot Gallery (J)

”ベストショットギャラリー or Best Shot Gallery”は、同一方向からの撮影なれど、富士山の様々な表情が楽しめる。
The photographs on "ベストショットギャラリー or Best Shot Gallery" are taken from the same direction, but you can enjoy the various expressions of Mt. Fuji.

ベストショットギャラリー (J)
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Recommendated Date: 2009.10.22

No. 11 Photo site
Recommended site:“旅の写真館「Wa☆Daフォトギャラリー」(和田フォト)海外写真集 Wada Photo Gallery (J)

Sample 1: 博多山笠寸描(中洲流) Hakata Yamakasa Festival (J)
Sample 2: 吉野梅郷 Yoshino Plum Grove (J)
Sample 3: 霧の上高地 Kamikouchi (J)

The pleasant site that has large and wonderful photographs, polite description (sorry. written in Japanese), and with music.
English version (This site is simplified):

Top page (J)
Recommendated Date: 2010.04.01

No. 20 Photo site
Recommended site:"巨 石 巡 礼 Huge Rocks (J)"

Sample: 万治の石仏 Manji-no-Sekibutsu or Manji Stone Stature of Buddha (J)

The second site of huge stone series. It is black and white, but it's fascinating.

Top page (J)
Recommendated Date: 2010.03.08

No. 18 Photo site
Recommended site:"yukiko matsunari photography (J)"

Sample : ニホンザル Japanese Monkey / Hot spring (J)

It's warm slightly.

Top page (J)
Recommendated Date: 2010.02.01

No. 16 Picture site
Recommended site:"子どものための美しい庭 The Beautiful Garden for Children (J)"

Sample : エリザベート Empress Elisabeth of Austria (J)

Enjoy the harmony of beautiful pictures and music

Top page (J)
Recommendated Date: 2010.01.29

No. 15 Artist site
Recommended site:"iKlimt - The Life and Work of Gustav Klimt クリムトの生涯と作品 (E)"

The space where you can feel at ease

Top page (E)
Top page (E)

Recommendated Date: 2009.11.20

No. 13 Photo site
Recommended site:“Photo Journal - The Mainichi Daily News (E)

Sample 1: The beauty of Mt. Fuji (E)
Sample 2: Okinawa: A pictorial review 60 years on (E)
Sample 3: Photos follow in footsteps of Emperor and Empress's 50-year marriage (E)

The theme is abundant and further each photograph is wonderful.

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