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Manager's Recommendation Sites

Recommendated Date: 2009.06.02

No.2 Photo site
Recommended site: 夢:dreamsギャラリー(J) or YUME or dreams Gallery (E)

Sample 1: 北海道・小樽運河 (J) or Hokkaido, Otaru canal (E)
Sample 2: 奈良・法隆寺 (J) or Nara, Horyuji Temple (E)
Sample 3: 京都・嵯峨野・あだしの念仏寺 (J) or Nembutsu Temple in Kyoto, Sagano (E)

You couldn't ask for anything more about the quality, the amount and the size of all photographs of the site.

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Recommendated Date: 2009.09.01

No.8 Picture site
Recommended site:“藤木 亘の「小さな画室」水彩油彩の画集サイト  A Small Atelier (J)

Sample 1: 京都、五条坂から清水寺、三年坂、石塀小路をへて二年坂の八坂の塔まで From Gojozaka slope via Kiyomizudera temple, Sannenzaka slope and Ishibe-kouroji to Yasaka pagoda in Kyoro (J)
Sample 2: 茅葺の里「美山町」 Miyama Town, Thached Roof Village (J)

The site where we can appreciate watercolor and oil paintings with the taste different
 from photograph.

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 (J):日本語サイト、(E): 英語サイト

"Manager's Recommendation Sites (MRS)" familiar to you by the e-mail magazine of this site "Stamp Booklets Art Museum" has been published. I gathered up the articles which I put on the e-mail magazines until now.
This site makes ends meet simply because there are many homepages of you everyone. MRS has been made with all the feeling of thankfulness.
You are to be able to actually feel that there are a lot of wonderful sites in the world by MRS.
(J): Japanese site, (E): English site
Recommendated Date: 2009.10.01

No. 9 Photo & Video site

Recommended site: ARKive - "A unique collection of thousands of videos, images and fact-files illustrating the world's species (E)"

Sample : “Red Squirrel Video (E)

絶滅危惧種や英国の野生生物の写真とビデオの数には驚かされます。トップページからExploreのpull downを選択するか、search機能をお使いください。
We are surprised by the number of the wildlife picture and video of the threatened species and the Britain ones. Please select pull-down menu options of "Explore" or use the search function on the top page.

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Recommendated Date: 2009.08.10

No.6 Comic site

Recommended site:"One Manga the home of manga... (E)"
現在、閉鎖中です。 Currently, the site is closed.

The English version of many popular comics in Japan can be read.
It makes Japanese evvious who cannot understand it.

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Recommendated Date: 2009.08.03

No.5 Photo site

Recommended site: 京都風光・京都寺社案内・京都鴨川風光 Kyoto sightseeing tourism guide : Kyoto temples, shrines, and other places of interest.The water landscape in Kyoto,in Japan. (J)

Sample: “京都鴨川風光*鴨川の四季 *Photo, The four seasons of Kamo Riv. in Kyoto (J)

上記のサンプルページをクリックしてください。そして、いずれかのYouTubeをクリックすると、BGMがはじまります。それから、 自動スクロールボタンを押してご覧下さい。
Please click the sample page above. Then BGM begins when you click each YouTube you like on it.
And push the "自動スクロール or Scroll" button to start "scroll down."
After it ended, you should the "終了、更新ボタン or Ending" button.


There is a taste which is not in movies.

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Recommendated Date: 2009.07.01

No.4 Video site

Recommended site: “ハイビジョン動画ブログ (Hi-Vision videos Blog) (J)

Sample : ワンワンと梅林 Dogs in plum grove (J)

There is a lot of Hi-Vision videos and their contents are also good. Please click the link of "youtube"on ths site to watch the video.

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Recommendated Date: 2009.06.23

No.3 Video site

Recommended site: “秋空の世界 (J)

Sample : ビデオ映像館 Video Hall (J)


The videos of ths site are worthly to note.

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Recommendated Date: 2009.05.22

No.1 Photo site

Recommended site : とりあえず、北海道撮りました(For now photographs of Hokkaido were taken.) (J)

Sample: 「美瑛とその周辺の丘(Biei town and its surrounding area in Hokkaido) (J)

It would be obvious at a glance. Numbers of splendid photograph

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Recommendated Date: 2009.10.16

No. 10 Picture site
Recommended site:“The Art Institute of Chicago (E)

Sample1: 歌川広重 Utagawa Hiroshige (E)
Sample2: 東洲斎写楽 Toshusai Sharaku (E)
Sample3: 喜多川歌麿 Kitagawa Utamaro (E)


Works expand by clicking, and we'll be overwhelmed by that.

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Recommendated Date: 2009.08.21

No.7 Live Camera site
Recommended site: "横浜ライブカメラ  横浜情報 (J)" or "Yokohama Live Camera! Yokohama Visitors' Guide (E) "

Please push a "コントロール開始 or Start Control " button and operate scroll bars. In addition, the direction of a camera can be settled by choosing the scroll down of "プリセットを選択してください or - select camera presets -" English site is here.

Although the live cameras are installed in national various lands, there is almost no camera which you can enjoy all day and night with in any direction.

ライブカメラ (J)
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